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Surname Given Name Born Birth Place
Thorne Anne 14 JUL 1762 North Castle, NY
Thorne Eleanor C. 15 FEB 1819 New York, NY
Thorne Esther Gerow 29 NOV 1824 Plattekill, NY
Thorne Hannah 1678
Thorne Jane
Thorne Jane E. 3 MAR 1831 Plattekill, NY
Thorne John
Thorne John 1639 Lynn, NY
Thorne John Abt 1643 Lynn, MA
Thorne John 30 OCT 1757 North Castle, NY
Thorne Joseph 1668 Flushing, NY
Thorne Mary Ann 14 FEB 1823 Orange County, NY
Thorne Samuel 12 JUL 1696 Flushing, NY
Thorne Sarah Abt 1680 Hemstead, NY
Thorne Thomas 11 SEP 1719 Flushing, NY
Thorne Thomas P. 22 SEP 1792 Newburgh, NY
Thorne William