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Surname Given Name Born Birth Place
Smith Amanda Joy 21 SEP 1983 Northern Westchester Hosp. Mt. Kisco, NY
Smith Amy Marie 26 OCT 1967 Wellsboro, PA
Smith Betsey Jean 24 OCT 1929
Smith Brenda Joy 2 OCT 1952
Smith Carrie
Smith Cassie
Smith Charles Augustus 23 DEC 1879 Deerfield, NY
Smith Charles Francis 7 JUN 1887 NJ
Smith Charles Francis 10 FEB 1926
Smith Charles Frank 14 JAN 1959 Havre deGrace, MD
Smith Constance Irene 30 DEC 1887 Little Silver, NJ
Smith Donna Lee 11 SEP 1962 Havre deGrace, MD
Smith Dorothy Anita 26 MAR 1930
Smith Edna May 25 MAY 1957 Elkton, MD
Smith Franklin William
Smith George A.
Smith George Y.
Smith Gertrude M. J.
Smith H. Nelson
Smith Harold
Smith Hazel
Smith J. B.
Smith James
Smith James Otis
Smith Jane Elizabeth
Smith John
Smith Julia Ann 26 SEP 1832 Auburn, NY
Smith Leila Lavina 4 JUL 1862 Smithtown, NY
Smith Lewis
Smith Linnie
Smith Lurina
Smith Marla OCT 1981 Houston, TX
Smith Martha
Smith Mary Elizabeth( Minnie)
Smith Phebe
Smith Phoebe
Smith Phyllis J.
Smith Samuel
Smith Samuel
Smith Sarah M. 5 JUN 1849
Smith Sherman
Smith Sherron Lee 13 JUN 1938
Smith Teri Ann 21 AUG 1937 Toledo, OH
Smith Valentine
Smith Warren Dean
Smith William Petit
Smith(?) Charity