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Surname Given Name Born Birth Place
Prall Abraham
Prall Daniel 25 MAR 1773 Staten Island, NY
Prall Edith May 1864
Prall Edwin Theodore 21 MAR 1821 Northfield, Staten Island, NY
Prall Edwin Theodore 1851
Prall Eleanor Godwin 1860
Prall Florence More
Prall Henrietta 25 JAN 1818
Prall Kate Ramee
Prall Margaret Ann
Prall Maria
Prall Maria Ann 15 MAR 1823
Prall Mary Mortimer 21 DEC 1887 St. Louis, MO
Prall Tunis Augustus 17 AUG 1816
Prall William Mortimer 5 DEC 1846
Prall William Sprague 27 APR 1795 Northfield, Staten Island, NY