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Surname Given Name Born Birth Place
Miles Berton H. 28 MAY 1917
Miles Candance A.
Miles Charles 1823 CT
Miles Charles M. 1837 NY
Miles Christine A.
Miles Edward C. 1842 NY
Miles Emily G. 1839 NY
Miles F. B.
Miles Gerow F. 12 MAR 1920
Miles Harry
Miles Harry B.
Miles Harry W. 4 MAR 1893 Brooklyn, NY
Miles Isabel N. 1848 NY
Miles Judith A.
Miles Juliet A.
Miles Katherine G.
Miles Mary Elizabeth NOV 1834 NY
Miles Mirinda K.
Miles Mona S.
Miles Penelope A.
Miles Robert E. 25 JAN 1924
Miles Susan W. 1840 NY