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Surname Given Name Born Birth Place
Carpenter Ada
Carpenter Cecelia 29 MAR 1850 Plattekill, NY
Carpenter Eleanor 4 MAR 1856 Plattekill, NY
Carpenter Emily 23 NOV 1845 Plattekill, NY
Carpenter Enoch
Carpenter Esther G. 7 SEP 1828 Westchester Cnty, NY
Carpenter Ferris 3 MAY 1796 Pleasantville, NY
Carpenter Gilbert
Carpenter Hannah
Carpenter Hannah Chadeayne 1835 Yorktown, NY
Carpenter Haydock
Carpenter Helena Gerow
Carpenter Issac 1780
Carpenter James
Carpenter John 4 NOV 1819 Plattekill, NY
Carpenter Joseph T.
Carpenter Susan 24 MAY 1809
Carpenter William